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What is the Geosmartcampus in 2 minutes – By Marco Mannucci Ratti

What is the GEOsmartcampus? Discover it with our CEO, Marco Mannucci Ratti.

“ We work to build a Smart Society where man can satisfy his needs efficiently and sustainably. Through our passion, the development of skills we support and accelerate the creation of smart innovation where technology is the tool to create an intelligent society. 

What is the Geosmartcampus?

GEOsmartcampus is the farm of the Smart Society , its mission is to encourage the development of innovative solutions to create a Smart Society, a new model of Society in which man and his needs return to center stage and technology, the innovation is the tool to satisfy them. An intelligent society in which the development of human, work, urban, industrial contexts and their relationship is inseparable from the analysis and protection of the environment.

The GSC vision

Our vision is realized, with the concrete contribution of our Stakeholder Community , in an articulated way through:
–     our collaborative platformdesigned to allow start-ups, SMEs and professionals to innovate, learn and network by sharing professional services, knowledge, technologies and data;
–     our thematic business acceleration program of innovative solutions based on Digital Geography, created with the aim of encouraging the development of smart solutions through the use of acceleration technologies, supporting innovative teams to create, in the shortest possible time, their projects turning them into products/companies for the market.
–     our Lab Campus dedicated to research and development;
–     a communication activityto promote a “Culture of Innovation” in line with the principles of the Smart Society;
–     a training program aimed at the use of acceleration technologies and at the development of entrepreneurial capacity;
–     our “Innovation Consulting” , characterized by highly innovative skills, to allow start-ups, SMEs and professionals to intercept the most suitable skills for the development of their innovative projects.
– an internationalization program aimed at integrating with international production systems and intercepting and attracting new investment projects.

For the GEOsmartcampus:
– access to and ability to use Digital Geography is the basis of the physical infrastructure of hyper-connected centers
– the development of the Smart Society requires an intelligent approach to data management
– ​​geo-referenceable data and information they are the added value and the point of convergence between users and companies
– digital geography is the basis for a change designed according to the needs of people and the environment, citizens and natural and cultural heritage.

The GSC mission

The GEOsmartcampus wants to create and stimulate business opportunities for young professionals, start-ups and SMEs with smart solutions and generating an Innovation Community that favors the growth of creative potential, the development of ideas, solutions, technological services and synergies with the production realities present on the national and international territory.

GEOsmartcampus for:
– encouraging the creation of new businesses
– increasing the success rate of new business initiatives
– making known and connecting the identities/companies/projects present in the area
– promoting innovation for SMEs

What is the Geosmartcampus. Marco Mannucci Ratti is pleased to present GEOsmartcampus in a brief video message in which he explain out philosophy.

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