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GIS – Remote Sensing Technical Specialist – Planetek Italia

Planetek Italia, azienda specializzata in geomatica, scienze della Terra e software per le missioni spaziali, è alla ricerca di GIS – Remote Sensing Technical Specialist.

Di seguito, l’annuncio di Planetek Italia.

Planetek ricerca GIS – Remote Sensing Technical Specialist

We simplify the adoption of geospatial data to understand better the world and enable people to act in an aware and timely manner to live better and preserve the Earth.

Planetek Italia operates in many fields of application ranging from environmental and land monitoring to open-government and smart cities, including defense and security as well as scientific missions and planetary exploration.

We provide solutions and products for Earth observation with satellite, aircraft, and drone data. Planetek deals with the continuous monitoring with satellite data of Earth’s surface, infrastructures, worksites, urban dynamics, or marine coastal areas in support of decision-making and operational activities.

We develop on-board software for satellites and data processing solutions for ground segment infrastructures. Our involvement in research and development activities supports the human exploration of the solar system.

Planetek develop Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) in compliance with INSPIRE as well as solutions for Smart City and complex systems to support decisions that exploit geographic information and Earth observation data, according to the new paradigms of Cloud and Software As a Service.Our focus on innovation has recently generated Rheticus®, a cloud platform designed to provide accurate data and real-time information about our changing world for the public and private sectors working to preserve our planet and improve the quality of our lives. This new type of service has led to a decisive transformation of the business model in geo-information services and today represents the synthesis of Planetek Italia’s skills and ability to produce high-value-added services.


As GEOSERVICES TECHNICAL SPECIALIST, your mission will be the development of innovative applications and services to support geospatial/remote sensing projects which require the understanding and elaboration of remote sensing data by using EO/GIS software or developing ad-hoc tools.We are seeking self-starting individuals with a “can-do” attitude who can adapt to a fluid work environment and a highly demanding schedule. In return, you will be able to be part of a motivated, highly skilled team and will be able to contribute to the growth and positive direction of our company.Your Responsibilities

  • Provide an expert level of technical capabilities to document and manage project tasks, identify and manage/mitigate project risks to bring assigned projects to completion on time, within cost and specifications;
  • Establishing appropriate project/task/deliverable reviews and oversight to ensure the technical quality, product delivery and impactful work;
  • Prepare the technical proposals for the tenders;
  • Prepare and deliver all reports on time;
  • Interact with a variety of stakeholders and partners to ensure project activities.


  • consistent understanding of GIS and EO concepts, such as projections, data management, formats and metadata;
  • demonstrable knowledge of GIS and EO techniques for processing and analyzing geospatial datasets, in particular, satellite-derived imagery;
  • experience with EO / GIS software applications, such as ERDAS Imagine, QGIS and ArcGIS;
  • scripting programs and spatial libraries, in particular, but not limited to Python and R;
  • experience in communicating and coordinating effectively with a variety of stakeholders and partners;
  • expertise in preparing publications, technical reports, and technical offers for participation in tenders;
  • capability to work on your initiative as well as within a team and to make a contribution to applied techniques and processes;
  • an essential condition is also the mastery of Italian and English languages.
Another Important Point

At Planetek Italia, results are more important than time, and our respect for people takes priority over their skills. Passion and responsibility are the qualities we value in our employees, while ethics, professionalism, and availability are the elements that distinguish our work philosophy. Choose us if you think a company like Planetek offers you the opportunity to work with enthusiasm and if you believe you can contribute to developing a strategic segment for our company.Your office will be located in Bari (Italy), but you will be able to work most of your time remotely. You can also travel around Europe.

What We Offer

At Planetek Italia, we know that great work isn’t done without a phenomenal team. We are always looking to hire the best talent and recognize that diversity in our experiences and backgrounds makes us stronger. We insist on an inclusive culture where everyone feels safe to contribute and help us innovate. Planetek believes our people should continuously acquire knowledge and skills, so we are willing to provide you with everything that can help you grow: books, workshops, conferences, and training. Once we get to know each other, we will define your salary package together while also considering your needs.OK, ARE YOU INTERESTED?Let us know who you are, what you’ve accomplished so far in your career and your goals for the near future. Along with your CV, please provide us with a cover letter, also in reply to the following two questions:

  • Why would you like to bet on innovative SMEs like Planetek Italia?
  • Why should Planetek Italia bet on you?

If your profile matches the one we’re looking for, we will contact you to get to know you better.

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