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Intelligentia, società ICT di Benevento, stà cercando Software Developer per ampliare il suo organico. Candidati ora!

Intelligentia searching Software developer

Intelligentia is looking for Embedded Software developers. If you like C/C++ language or you are willing to drive low level controllers and satellites on-board software, you are very welcome in our Team. #moreIntelligentiaInYourWorld

Who is Intelligentia

Intelligentia born as the result of the collaboration between Balance Systems Srl, company operating in the manufacturing sector in the production of balancing machines and grinding systems from 45 years, and University of Sannio, an important research center in the heart of Campania region in South Italy. The push to sprout Intelligentia born from the enthusiasm for innovation and the desire to offer solutions to the industrial market using the most advanced technologies and methodologies identified by the Research. All mixed with healthy enthusiasm of a young, competent, motivated and highly specialized group of professionals.

About his story

In 2013 Intelligentia has been officially listed as Innovative START-UP and is currently listed as Innovative SME, in respect of the Italian Law. Because of the partnerships and participations, Intelligentia can offer in its operational and project management activities a solid industrial background. Our Project is the result of years of work and passion in research & development in manufacturing and aerospace contexts. Intelligentia is growing up focused in using the best known and most advanced technologies in order to create cutting-edge solutions for our customers and for their Business.

Intelligentia’s mission

Because of this mission, we are currently working in Aerospace sector, such as in Manufacturing and Finantial contexts. Flexibility and professionality are the most important attributes that we would like to preserve over the time. Anyone interested to join our Project or to take advantage of our competences can contact us via our website or social profiles. For people interested to join our project as employee please visit our dedicated portal jobs.intelligentia.eu: an opportunity is waiting for you!

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Sito Web https://www.intelligentia.eu
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